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AIRLINE REVIEW: American Airlines Boeing 737, JFK to Cancun

I recently traveled to Cancun to speak at Love Mexico and The REAL Travel Experience, a major tourism conference that took place at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. My presentation there was called Tap Your Passion: How to Create Killer Content, Shape Your Image & Build Your Business, and while it was targeted at top-selling travel agents and destination wedding planners, the message applies to just about anyone: how to reignite the passion and excitement that first got you into your career, and use that to create amazing content that will drive business. But before I started “tapping the passion,” I tapped American Airlines to fly me down to Cancun, Mexico. This is a review of my travel and flight experience.

THE ROUTE: New York City/John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Cancun, Mexico (CUN); Boeing 737; 3 hours, 59 minutes.

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THE DEPARTURE: I took the AirTrain from the New York City Subway to the American Airlines terminal 8 at JFK. Unfortunately at JFK, I experienced something that seems all too common: Even though I’ve paid for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck, the PreCheck lane was closed and so I had to wait in the regular lane and remove all of my usual items from my bags. Also slightly annoying was that, even though I only had two bags and they were regulation size, I was asked to check my roll-aboard at the gate (at least there was no charge). Overall, however, terminal 8 is expansive and comfortable.

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THE AIRCRAFT: The American Airlines Boeing 737 featured the attractive Boeing Sky Interior, which allows for pleasing mood lighting and also has more efficient overhead luggage space. There were no blankets or pillows in economy class, but I was happy to find that there were electrical outlets between each seat, and that the airline seating had headrests with wings, which makes for more comfortable sleeping.

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IN-FLIGHT SERVICE: Airline food was available for purchase only on this American Airlines flight; I bought a pastrami sandwich for $9.99 that was decent (they also had a turkey sandwich as well as various snacks, all for a charge). American Airlines also charged $5 for headsets to watch movies and TV on the overhead public video screen, although passengers could also use their own earphones. I appreciated that the flight attendants did provide a second drink service and — even more wonderful — they left water and juice out in the rear galley, so that passengers could serve themselves, with a friendly, hand-written sign that read “Juice & Water Bar: Help yourself to stay hydrated,” complete with a smiley face (I love personal touches like this, and complimented the flight attendant).

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THE ARRIVAL: We landed on time at the Cancun airport, and customs and immigration, as well as baggage delivery, was relatively fast. Walking out of the Cancun airport is always a bit hectic, as there are so many transportation companies and people offering their services, but I found my shuttle service to the Moon Palace fairly quickly.

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