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5 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Tango in Buenos Aires

No visit to Argentina would be complete without experiencing tango, the dance and musical form that dates to the late 19th century. Tango’s alluring blend of intricate moves and rhythms makes it one of the South American nation’s most legendary traditions — it’s so important, in fact, that tango has appeared on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists since 2009.

There are a surprising number of ways to enjoy tango while taking an Argentina vacation. It’s especially easy, of course, when you’re on a guided tour. Our sponsor partner, Coddiwomple Journeys, is one of the best examples of a South America tour operator that can customize vacation packages to meet your specific interests. They have the expertise and the contacts so that you can easily incorporate as much tango as you like in your South America vacation — and they’re also great about tailoring each trip to meet your travel budget.

To provide some inspiration and ideas for that next trip, we’ve put together a list of five amazing ways to experience tango in Buenos Aires. So if you’re looking for things to do on your next Argentina vacation, here’s a good place to start.

1. Take a private tango lesson. There’s no better way to understand the allure of Argentinean music and dance than to take to the floor yourself. Buenos Aires is home to a number of schools and milongas — venues where people go to dance tango — that offer classes for beginners and experts alike. Professional dancers will teach you the seemingly complex moves and movements, regardless of whether you’re a born dancer or a novice. Coddiwomple Journey’s itinerary The Best of Argentina includes a private tango lesson, and the package can be customized to include other experiences as well.

2. Visit a milonga. These neighborhood venues, which range from large and grand to small and decidedly typical, are where local people go to dance tango — and they’re also perfect for listening to live musicians. If you’re looking to live life like a porteño, you can’t do much better than this. The easiest way to find out the best places to visit and organize a milonga outing is through an experienced tour operator like Coddiwomple Journeys, which allows you to pick and choose the exact experiences and activities you want.

In addition, Coddiwomple has debuted a new Argentina and Chile by Land & Sea tour that starts in Buenos Aires (with opportunities to include tango), as well as a trip through Patagonia and on an Australis cruise ship through Cape Horn and the Magellen Straight and into Punta Arena, Chile. From there, you’ll fly to Santiago and Valparaíso for some culinary and wine tasting.

3. Attend a dinner show. Argentinian cuisine is just as legendary as its music and dance. So why not combine the two? A variety of venues make it easy to enjoy a night out, savoring mouthwatering steaks, empanadas and other delicacies, paired with the best Argentinian wine — all while viewing a dramatically staged tango show. At the trendy Faena Hotel Buenos Aires, for example, the “Rojo Tango” show features a live orchestra and spectacular dancers, in a sumptuous, nightclub-style venue where expertly prepared cocktails are a major feature on the menu. You can avoid the hassle of trying to get reservations at these popular venues by signing up with Coddiwomple Journeys. Since the company offers plenty of customized features on all of its tour packages, you can also easily add it to one of their existing itineraries, such as the Fine Wines and Great Cities of Argentina and Chile package.

4. Join a cultural event. Many large-scale venues host impressive tango shows with some of the best dancers and orchestras in Buenos Aires. The Borges Cultural Center, named after the novelist and poet Jorge Luis Borges, stages outstanding productions that showcase various interpretations of tango music and dance. Also noteworthy is the Esquina Carlos Gardel, named for Carlos Gardel, the French Argentinian singer, songwriter and actor who was the most famous figure in the history of tango. Gardel himself used to hang out at this venue before he passed away in 1935. Today, it’s a rewarding place to admire the talents of performers in period costumes from the early 20th century. To make sure you get reservations for the best shows, let the folks at Coddiwomple Journeys know — they can make all the plans.

5. Enjoy a Festival. For an extra-big dose of musical excitement, plan a visit to Buenos Aires during the Festival y Mundial de Tango, an annual tango festival that takes place in Buenos Aires in August. More than 400 dancing couples were expected at this year’s event, which lasts nearly two weeks and includes more than 50 special music and dance productions. Complete with exhibitions, classes and shows, the festival culminates with the crowning of the top-performing couple. Such a large-scale festival makes it even more helpful to use the customizable services of a company like Coddiwomple Journeys; they can provide you with a full array of options, including activities, attractions and events that can really make your Argentina vacation sing.

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