Argentina Colors of the gay pride flag grace the stairs at the renamed Subte station.

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Colors of the gay pride flag grace the stairs at the renamed Subte station.

Buenos Aires is Home to World’s First Subway Station Named For an LGBT Activist

The city of Buenos Aires recently inaugurated a Subte (subway) station with a new name. And it puts this ever-popular Argentina city on the map as the first place on the planet to name a subway station after an LGBT activist.

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Formerly known as the Santa Fe stop on the H line, the newly dubbed Carlos Jáuregui station is named after a well-known defender of human and LGBT rights, who also served as the first president of the Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (Argentine Homosexual Community).

The undersecretary for human rights and cultural pluralism, in conjunction with Buenos Aires and Subte lawmakers from the Buenos Aires State Society oversaw the initiative on line H, and expect this to become a popular spot on the LGBT tourism map.

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Artist Daniel Arzola was responsible for the mural and the works that surround the Carlos Jáuregui station. The mural features different characters from the history of LGBT rights and achievements. And the main stairway is a colorful re-imagining of a gay pride flag.

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This new development isn’t surprising for a destination that’s been one of Latin America’s leading cities for LGBT rights. You can check out the city’s own LGBT tourism and travel tips on the government Website.

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