Arts & Culture Emelyne Smith sampled Latin soda pop including Jarritos and Inca Cola.

Published on February 2nd, 2014 | by Mark Chesnut

Emelyne Smith sampled Latin soda pop including Jarritos and Inca Cola.

VIDEO: A Gringo Guide to Latin Soda Pop (Guarana, Jarritos, Inca Cola)


Thirsty for Latin flavor? Try sampling any of these seven soda pops from Latin America, including Guarana from Brazil, Jarritos from Mexico and Inca Cola from Peru.

For this exclusive video report, assembled a panel of dry-throated gringos — and one patient Latino — to come up with their own takes on these often-sugary, brightly colored soft drinks from Mexican culture, Colombian culture and Brazilian culture. Emelyne Chesnut Smith served up the results, with her own insight about each.

All of the drinks we sampled are sold in their home countries as well as the United States, so whether you’re looking for refreshments during a Latin American vacation or just aiming to add something new to your own dinner table, these are worth considering — and you may be surprised by how wrong we were about the flavors during our blind taste test. Among the colorful soft drink contenders vying to satisfy your thirst (along with some links to inspiration to get you to the countries where they’re made):

1. Colombiana kola-flavored soda (from Colombia)
Colombia Travel Tips: Top 5 Reasons to Visit Cartagena

2. Country Club raspberry soda (Dominican Republic)
Dominican Republic Travel Tips: Monkey Tours & Golf Apps — What’s new in the DR

3. Postobon apple-flavored soda (Colombia)
Colombia Travel Tips: The 5 Coolest Churches in Latin America — Holy Modern Architecture!

4. Jarritos tamarind soda (Mexico)
Mexico travel tips: “My Oaxaca”: Living the Expat Volunteer Life, with New Zealander Jodi Fleming

5. Brazilia guaraná (Brazil)
Brazil Travel Tips: How to Flights, Hotels & Tickets for World Cup 2014

6. Tropical strawberry-flavored soda (Ecuador)
Ecuador Travel Tips: Top 5 Reasons to Visit Cuenca

7. Inca Cola kola-flavored soda (Peru)
Peru Travel Tips: Portón Master Distiller Johnny Schuler Shares Peru’s Pisco Secrets

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