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The Top 5 Must-Eat Colombian Foods

Colombia is more than just a paradise for natural beauty, friendly people, interesting culture and history. It’s also a culinary paradise, fed by the nation’s great diversity. This article will serve as an introduction to Colombia’s gastronomic wealth. I’m a university student majoring in tourism, and as a Colombian myself I’ve sampled the most delicious dishes that this nation has to offer. Traveling around Colombia, after all, means traveling around and getting to know about local customs and culture, and Colombian cuisine is a big part of that experience.

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Writing this report brings to mind every delicious dish I’ve eaten, along with the diversity of scenery and ecosystems that affects the diversity of the food. We Colombians have found a way to take advantage of this diversity and satisfy the stomach.

Here are the top 5 must-eat Colombian foods, so you can work them into your next Colombia vacation.

  1. Ajiaco Santafereño
    This traditional dish is served in Colombia’s central Andean region, including Bogota. It’s a soup made with different types of potatoes, including the papa criollo, which provides color, thickness and flavor. Chicken, cream and capers are also necessary, as well as guascas, an herb that gives the soup its most distinct flavorings.
    The most common accompaniment for ajiaco santafereño is avocado and rice.
The bandeja paisa is a popular Colombian food.

The bandeja paisa is a popular Colombian food.

2. Bandeja Paisa
As the most representative dish of the Antioquia region, the bandeja paisa is a delicious option that is usually served in hearty quantities. It comes with a great variety of items, with plenty of carbohydrates — including rice, chicharron (pork cracklings), fried egg, areas, ground beef, avocado, fried plantains, sausage and beans.
This Colombian dish is especially good for re-energizing and its large portions of various elements makes it especially satisfying.

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3. Tamal
This exquisite Colombian dish benefits from the combination of ingredients that result in an unequaled tastiness. It’s common to eat tamales for breakfast, and the most common ingredients are corn, rice, beef, pork, chicken, carrots, peas, potatoes and eggs. All are cooked while wrapped in a large plantain leaf.

4. Lechona
Colombia’s Tolima region is the home of this popular main course. The presentation is especially unique; it’s cooked inside the body of a pig. It’s not surprising then, that that the ingredients include pork, as well as peas, white rice, pepper and corn meal. This dish is so well loved that, even though it’s from Tolima, it’s easy to find around Colombia.

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5. Sopa de Mondongo (tripe soup)
While sopa de mondongo is served around the nation, it’s most popular on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Santander and Antioquia. Cow’s stomach is the soup’s key ingredient, although it can also be made with pork; corn, celery, papa criollo (creole potatoes), garlic, peas and carrots are also part of the mix.
Sopa de mondongo is popular in many parts of Latin America, although in some countries it’s known by a different name.

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