Published on October 11th, 2018 | by Mark Chesnut


This Weird Cereal Cafe in Bogota Wants to Give You a Sugar Rush



If you like sugar, then you’ll love Cereal Vibes Magic Lounge, a casual eatery in Bogota where the entire menu — including the cocktails — is crafted around sweets.


Located in the upscale neighborhood called Zona T, Cereal Vibes Magic Lounge opened a few months ago, and its cheery bright colors are a telling introduction to what awaits. The electronica and Hi NRG music playing is enough to give you a rush before you’ve even taken a bite of anything on the menu. Rows of colorful cereal boxes from Colombia and abroad line the wall, and those very cereals play a big part in most of the menu. I had Cap’n Crunch waffles, which featured the cereal scattered onto multicolored waffles, accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with cotton candy and — for good measure — stabbed with two syringe-like medicine dispensers, one filled with honey and the other with condensed milk.


You can also order items like cupcake cereal, cereal donuts and cookies, and cocktails made with Jolly Ranchers. We opted to stick with a simple glass of water, but even that was creatively presented in champagne glasses.


This is the type of cafe that was designed to be photo friendly. The visuals and concept are certainly more noteworthy than the actual culinary experience (it was so intense that I had to run to a hot dog stand immediately afterward). But if you’re in the mood for a sugar rush and looking for unique things to do in Bogota, this is a sweeeeet option.


Cap’n Crunch waffles at Cereal Vibes, a restaurant in Bogota.

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