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Published on October 26th, 2012 | by Mark Chesnut


Johanna Carreno, “Queen of MTV Latino,” Takes Latin Pop to NYC

Often referred to as “La Reina de MTV Latino,” Johanna Carreno is an Ecuadorean songstress who continues to impress. In 2010, her video “Don’t Stop Me” became the number one most requested video of the year. Her latest work, “Duende Real,” which tells the story of a woman in love, is part of the soundtrack of the MTV novela “Ultimo Año.”

Carreno is headed to the United States soon, to share her musical talent with new audiences. On November 10, she’ll take to the stage at New York City’s Copacabana Club, to participate in “Ecuador en New York,” a concert starring artists from Ecuador, presented by Rockass Productions. And as if her musical career weren’t enough to keep her busy, she’s now also heading her own modeling and acting academy.

In this exclusive interview, Carreno speaks about how things are going in this very busy year.

LatinFlyer: You’ve had a busy year. Your song, “Duende Real” has been a hit, and now you’re doing a show in New York City. How are things going?
Johanna Carreno: Thank God it’s been a great year, and I’ve undertaken new projects with success. “Duende Real” has been a great song; it gave me the opportunity to become part of the music of a novela that’s broadcast on MTV Latinoamérica. I hope that now my tour in New York will be a hit. I’m excited about the show I’ll be doing on November 10 at Copacabana.

You’ve also opened a modeling academy this year. Since you have a lot of experience in this field as well, what do you think the worlds of modeling and music have in common?
They have a lot in common. Both careers are dependent on the public, but in my academy we don’t just teach modeling — we also teach acting, singing, dancing and more. Thank God, the academy has had a great reception.

How would you describe popular music in Ecuador today?
It has evolved a lot and become a lot more professional. We have more people representing our music on an international level; that makes me proud.

What are your favorite places in Ecuador to do concerts?
Everywhere I’ve sung has been incredible. I wouldn’t run away from any of them. The audience have always been great in my shows.

What places in Guayaquil do you like to go out with friends to listen to music?
I love bars to eat and listen to music, [but] I’m not much of a night owl. I don’t go to discos. I’m from Manabi, but I travel to Guayaquil often to visit my friends.

What do you have planned for 2013?
Launch my new album, begin to record the new album. I hope we’ll be able to tour Colombia and Peru, and continue with my project at the academy, to continue to help young people develop their talent and personalities.

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