Published on February 8th, 2010 | by Mark Chesnut


The Facelift Continues at San Francisco Church in Quito

The oldest church and monastery in Quito, Ecuador, is slowly but surely getting a facelift. Officially reopened in December, the 16th-century San Francisco church will continue to receive much-needed attention for quite some time.
According to tourism officials, excavations carried out during renovations have unearthed artifacts from aboriginal to colonial times — including human bones that originally suggested the church may lie on the site of the palace of Huayna Capac, the Inca emperor. But further excavation proved that most likely untrue, since no signs of the palace were found.
It’s still an impressive site. The massive structure sits on the Plaza San Francisco and is a place that has drawn my attention for photos during every visit to Quito. It’s nice to have its cavernous interior accessible once again.
For more information, visit Quito’s official travel information site.

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