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VIDEO: Posada del Angel, Luxury Boutique Hotel in Antigua Guatemala


It was a cool Thursday evening in Antigua Guatemala, and I was lounging in a four-poster bed covered with 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton and hand-woven Guatemalan fabrics. Gentle flames crackled in the fireplace as I fell gently into a sound sleep, the silence so complete that the only artificial sound I could hear was the ticking of my portable alarm clock. In this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO, I take you on a tour of Posada del Angel, a luxury boutique hotel in Antigua Guatemala.

I spent a glorious four-night visit to Posada del Angel, a seven-room luxury hotel with style and service that’s satisfied the presidents of the United States (Bill Clinton), El Salvador (Francisco Flores) and Guatemala (Alvaro Arzu), as well as former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau and a few celebrities who the staff are too discreet to mention.

Posada del Angel is far from the largest hotel in this historic tourism destination, and it’s not the only one that offers luxury. So what attracts these well-known guests? Privacy, service and amenities, apparently. The hotel’s small size ensures that the each guest is well attended to (and also makes it possible to buy out the entire hotel for a few days, if you so desire).

Posada del Angel expertly combines rustic, Colonial elements with upscale luxury. Interestingly, while the place feels like a historic landmark, it’s actually a rather new construction, built by a Texan named Mary Sue Morris some 16 years ago. Her dream was to create a comfortable, luxurious home-away-from-home for travelers, with an ambiance that blends with the city’s historic feel.

Morris passed away in 2006, but the two entrepreneurs who bought the property — Ricardo Balzaretti and Enrique Urruela —have aimed to keep the same approach to hospitality. They’ve even named one of the larger suites after her, and contribute regularly to Becas Mary Sue, a non-profit organization that helps fund education for local children.

Each room here has a name rather than a number, and each is different in terms of layout and decor. But they are consistently beautiful and peaceful, accessed by giant skeleton-like keys and untroubled by telephones. Complimentary wireless Internet access throughout the property (as well as a computer for guest use) assures that you’ll stay in touch with anyone you need to, so who needs a phone anyway?
Posada del Angel is a few big blocks away from Antigua Guatemala’s Parque Central, the main square — an easy walk during the daytime, but further away than some hotels, which probably helps to make it attractive for seclusion-seeking celebrities. Room rates include a tasty complete breakfast, cooked to order, which is good for providing energy for a day of exploring the city.

I have to admit, I found myself drawn back to the hotel during the day. It was hard to resist the tranquility of the small, open-air living room set next to a narrow lap pool in the central courtyard. And the peaceful view of the city and the surrounding mountains from the rooftop terrace. And the comfort of my very own room. I found myself going to sleep early, waking up early, touring around the city, then coming back to enjoy the relaxed ambiance of the hotel itself. Posada del Angel is the kind of place that you’ll want time to savor.

RATES: $175 and up
Posada del Angel, 4a Avenida Sur #24A; tel. +502-7832-0260 or in the USA +305-677-2382;

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