Mexico These three magazines are the best travel guides to Mexico City.

Published on July 31st, 2016 | by Mark Chesnut

These three magazines are the best travel guides to Mexico City.

3 Magazines That Are Better Than Any Guidebook for Visiting Mexico City

Mexico City is one of my favorite vacation destinations in Latin America. But you need to look hard to find the best things to do in Mexico’s capital. And while travel guides and travel books can certainly help you to understand the basics of a Mexico City vacation or business trip, they’re not necessarily the best for giving you the latest travel tips about the hottest attractions, activities, restaurants, art scene, shopping and nightlife. After all, Mexico City is a vibrant, creative hotspot with a constantly evolving and changing array of things to do. That’s why it’s you need to know which magazines and Websites to read to stay on top of all the excitement and culture.

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After more than 10 visits to Mexico‘s capital, I’ve figured out which are my official go-to publications and sites for the best travel tips — and it’s time to share my secret. They’re all in Spanish, but even if you just know some elemental vocabulary, you can likely figure out a lot of what these well-produced magazines are communicating. After all, how hard is it to decode the number of stars next to a listing of restaurantes? Here’s what to look when you start that next Mexico City visit:

Chilango: This sly, hip monthly magazine (and its accompanying Website) highlights the latest and hottest things to do in Mexico City, from live music to restaurants to bars and theater; it also features a section about activities for kids and things to do for LGBT locals and travelers.

Recent recommendations: A restaurant called Cemitas Ochentaocho for typical Mexican food, three must-try cocktails made with white wine, and Don Quintin Condesa, a hip bar with live music in the trendy Condesa district.

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Dónde Ir: Slightly more upscale and less quirky (it probably skews to a slightly older audience too, I’d say), this guide to Mexico City also often covers things outside the city (the June 2016 issue, for example, had an article about 10 top Mexican beaches as its cover story).

Recent recommendations: Los Arbolitos de Cajeme, a seafood restaurant in the upscale Polanco neighborhood, a guided tour of the historic sites of the Coyoacán district and bars with must-try drinks around the city.

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TimeOut México: Like its eponymous counterparts in other cities and countries, TimeOut México offers a well-presented roundup of things to do — including restaurants, nightlife, art and culture, music, shopping, LGBT nightlife and culture, and things to do with kids in Mexico City.

Recent recommendations: Free activities for kids in Mexico City, LGBT gay film festivals in Mexico City and great places to eat sushi in Mexico City.

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