Airlines The Aeromexico "borders" commercial addresses the proposed Mexico border wall.

Published on January 29th, 2017 | by Mark Chesnut

The Aeromexico "borders" commercial addresses the proposed Mexico border wall.

Aeromexico Ad About the Mexico Border Wall is Still Relevant for Trump Era

It came out several months ago, when the Donald Trump candidacy was just beginning to talk about building a giant wall between the United States and Mexico. But today, as talk intensifies about a structure that would cost billions of dollars, damage trade and diplomatic relations, increases prices and create new challenges for many people, a provocative commercial by Aeromexico is more relevant than ever.

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Created by the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Mexico, this airline commercial goes beyond the usual to make a powerful point (you can watch the Spanish-language version of the Aeromexico commercial here). Scroll down to view the English-language video.

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It’s rare to see a commercial for a travel business that makes addresses something as important as this, and addresses the potential effects of Donald Trump on travel.

Here’s a transcription of the Aeromexico “borders” commercial, which reads something like a political poem:

has anything good ever come of them?
I’ve seen as many as mankind has been able to create
invisible borders
between men and women
between the thin and the fat
between those who make decisions and those who abide by them
I’ve seen borders formed by hate
for speaking a different language
for kissing other men
or simply because somebody didn’t want anything to do with the one next door
borders in the name of god
of law
on land they can maintain distances
but in the sky, they don’t exist
excuse me
I have a job to do.

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