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Published on August 10th, 2012 | by Mark Chesnut

AIRLINE REVIEW: Interjet Airbus A320 (Economy Class)

Interjet offers Mexico flights aboard all-coach Airbus A320 aircraft

During a recent trip in Mexico, I flew Interjet, the fast-growing low-cost Mexican airline, from Mexico City to the Pacific coast resort city of Huatulco. Here is my review of the flight experience of the increasingly attention-getting airline (and its increasingly famous female-only on-board lavatories). 

THE FLIGHT: Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport to Huatulco (50 minutes)

The Interjet ticket counter at Mexico City airport. 

CHECK-IN AND DEPARTURE: Check-in at the ticket counter at the Mexico City airport’s Terminal 1 was speedy, with multiple lines rather than the usual “next-available-agent” concept. Terminal 1 has a gate-assignment process for domestic flights wherein they usually don’t announce the exact gate until about 30 to 60 minutes before the departure time, so passengers are sent to a common waiting area behind the security checkpoint, next to a bustling food court. About 50 minutes before departure time, the monitors showed the gate — number 5, at the end of the domestic wing. It’s a congested terminal (which is not Interjet’s fault, of course), with multiple lines for simultaneous flights, but the boarding process was efficient, boarding by zone (with Zone 1 the last to board). 

Interjet flight attendant uniforms are neat and attractive. 
Leather airline seats aboard the Interjet Airbus A320. 

THE PLANE: Interjet bears some resemblance to the most positive on-board experience elements of JetBlue. The all-coach airplane seating is leather, with slightly more leg room than the average aircraft. The flight attendant uniforms, however, are even better — attractive blue outfits worn neatly by (on our flight) an all-female flight attendant crew with their hair pulled back.  And speaking of females, Interjet is the only airline I’ve ever flown with a women-only lavatory onboard — I peeked inside and found that the bathroom itself was no different (it does have a changing table, which some airplane lavatories don’t have); the main point is that the pink sticker on the door is supposed to keep messy males from using the facilities. 

The inflight entertainment system monitors on board the Interjet Airbus A320.
The women’s lavatory on board the Interjet Airbus A320. 

Airline meals aboard Interjet include free snacks and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

THE SERVICE:  No headphones were provided, but we had the option of using our own headphones to watch the short-subject travel shows presented on overhead video monitors. Free snacks (we could choose from a variety of potato chips and other bagged goodies) and free non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages (including Dewars, Finlandia, Corona, Modelo and Bacardi) were served (and we got the whole can for each soda we ordered, which was a nice plus). 

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