“End of the World” Party Brings Great Visuals to Mexico’s Costa Alegre


The World didn’t end on December 21. But it sure gave some people a good excuse to throw a party.

On December 20, Alix and Goffredo Marcaccini hosted Kosmosis, a celebration by the beach following a week-long yoga retreat at Cuixmala, the late James Goldsmith’s family estate on the Costa Alegre of Mexico, which is now open to the public. These photos provide highlights of the amazing visuals at the event.

Kosmosis is the product of the imagination and talent of Italian, Mexico-based entrepreneur Phillippe Moellhausen, and celebrates the end of the Mayan Fifth Sun on December 21st. The prophetic date, according to the Mayan calendar, is the completion of the 26,000-year orbital cycle around the Pleiades constellation — from which natives trace their heritage — and the alignment of the Earth’s winter solstice.

Guests included Gael Garcia Bernal, Ninos and Malia Akoni, Esther Canadas, Geraldine de Caraman, Julia Chaplin, Mark and Serena Cook, Juan Carlos Corbera, Carlos Couturier, Brenda Diaz de la Vega, Liliana Dominguez, Maya Fiennes, Arturo Gamboa, Zelika Garcia, Zani Gugelmann, Isabel Goldsmith, Ana Liza de Graca, Danny Huston, Jay Jopling and Hikari Yokoyama, Charlotte Kidd, Gian Andrea Marcaccini, Moises Micha, Michael Nouri, Daniel Pinchbeck, Guillermo Osorno, Franc and Leyla Roddam, Rogerio Romelio, Cesar Saldivar, James Sevier, Bjorn Stern, Barbara Strauss, Juan Jose Suarez, Lars von Venningsen, Lulu Vilbert, Priscilla Woolworth, among others, donned costumes to celebrate the “end of the world” in a captivating atmosphere of surrealism, art, history and spirituality.

The Mayan Calendar, The Aztec Calendar, King Pakal’s Grave Stone, the Gods of Commagene, Stonehenge, the Eastern Island Statues were among the 27 gigantic sculptures displayed on the beach overlooking Cuixmala, and will be available in the coming year for photo shoots, videos, and other creative projects.

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