Mexico Caliente Casino, in Tijuana, runs the biggest gaming facility in Mexico. Photo: FateClub

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Caliente Casino, in Tijuana, runs the biggest gaming facility in Mexico. Photo: FateClub

Gaming on Holiday: Casinos in Latin America

If you’re planning on going on holiday this year or next, but are looking for something a little different than the normal sun, sand and water holidays, you might want to look into going on a casino holiday to Latin America.

Here, you’ll find a real party spirit, as there is a festival-type feeling when on holiday. One country that’s especially great to visit in order to not only get the full casino experience but the normal sun, sand and sea, is Mexico. It hasn’t been long since the country began allowing gambling, as the law was only passed in 2004, but this doesn’t mean that they haven’t made up for it with amazing casinos.

In 2008, a casino was built that was larger than any other in Mexico: The Caliente Casino, in the city of Tijuana. This casino is no small job, as you can tell from the U.S$30 million spent to build it. Because of this, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear just how many different games are housed inside, with over a thousand slot machines alone, rivalled in quantity only by online casinos like Lucky Nugget. This casino is not just about the gambling though — on the same complex, a whole football stadium and shopping center were also built. All of this together means that you’ll never have to leave there once you arrive, as you’ll never get bored. There is even a private beach for the resort, as well as pools to enjoy while the hot sun warms your body.

This casino alone should be a signal that traveling to Latin America for a great holiday is a fantastic option for anyone.

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