Mexico Menswear from Cuidado Con El Perro and Zara will help you look cool in Cancun.

Published on July 31st, 2012 | by Mark Chesnut

Menswear from Cuidado Con El Perro and Zara will help you look cool in Cancun.

How to Go Clothes Shopping in Cancun — Without Looking Like a Tourist

Jeans from Mexican retailer Cuidado Con El Perro and shirt and shoes from Zara make for ideal evening wear for men in Cancun. 


Just landed in Cancun, Mexico, and realized you packed too light? There are plenty of clothing stores in this popular vacation destination, but too often people equate beach destinations with T-shirts and neon-colored shorts. Check out Angel’s finds as we show you how to go clothes shopping in Cancun — without looking like a tourist. 

Now, I’m not worth much when it comes to shopping and fashion. Luckily, my partner Angel, is quite good at finding interesting clothing at good prices. So if you’re looking for fashion inspiration, check out  these three inexpensive looks that he picked up during our recent visit to Cancun (I’ve attempted to creatively dub each look appropriately, but forgive me if I miss the mark). Now there’s no reason to wear that Señor Frog’s get-up when you head out for a gourmet dinner!

Aztec Chic: T-shirt from Ay Guey, a Mexican style chain based in Mexico City, jeans from Cuidado Con El Perro and shoes from Zara. 

T-shirt from Ay Guey, belt from Spanish retailer Pull & Bear and jeans from Cuidado Con El Perro.

The Sources

¡Ay Güey! 
This interesting clothing and design boutique features creative variations on traditional Mexican icons, including the lucha libre wrestler and the symbolic Mexican eagle, translated into T-shirts, purses, picture frames and jewelry. Located at Plaza Las Americas, near downtown. 

Cuidado con el Perro
Translated roughly as “Beware of the Dog,” this casual clothing chain is something like a slightly more creative version of the Gap or Old Navy. Located at Plaza Las Americas. 

Pull and Bear 
This Spanish clothing and accessories retailer stocks a variety of men’s and women’s clothing, including some quirkily mislabeled retro-chic travel T-shirts. Located at La Isla Shopping Village, in the Hotel Zone. 

This Spanish clothing chain is known for its youthful style and reasonable prices. Located at La Isla Shopping Village

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