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Spectacular Scenery in the Copper Canyon Will Take Your Breath Away

Yeah, I know that the Grand Canyon is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. But if you haven’t considered the Copper Canyon, I’d like to use these photos to put it on your radar. After all, this group of scenic in canyons in Mexico is actually bigger than the Grand Canyon!

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I recently visited this Mexico vacation hotspot — and wrote about the top things to do in the Copper Canyon for TravelAge West, the big travel industry publication and site I write for. But this picturesque region in northern Mexico is just too beautiful to limit to words. So I’ve decided to share more of my travel photos of the Copper Canyon too.

Starting in the city of Chihuahua, I boarded the Chepe — the Copper Canyon train – for a slow and relaxing ride that gave my camera quite a workout. We disembarked in the tiny town of Divisadero, where my first true view of the Copper Canyon was truly breathtaking. Staying overnight at a Copper Canyon hotel in Divisadero that sits atop a cliff assured that I never stopped enjoying that expansive vista (you can read my hotel review of the Hotel Divisadero).

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Hiking, photography, arts and crafts and spectacular scenery are just a few of the reasons to visit the Copper Canyon. You can also enjoy some fast-paced and challenging activities at the Barrancas del Cobre Adventure Park, which offers diversions including a seated zip line, rappelling and rock climbing. A sky gondola is a good alternative for those who’d like a more relaxing excursion.

We also visited the slightly larger town of Creel, which doesn’t offer the views, but does have more shopping and also easy access to tourism sites like Lake Arareco and the dramatic Valley of the Monks, which is marked by giant stones that look somewhat like — you guessed it — a bunch of monks.

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If you’re a nature lover and are considering a Mexico vacation, the Copper Canyon is certainly one of the most postcard-perfect places that you can visit. These travel photos attest to that.

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