Published on January 18th, 2011 | by Mark Chesnut

TRAVEL VIDEO: Mazatlan, Mexico — The Pulmonia Experience

The pulmonía is a unique, fun alternative to taxi cabs in Mazatlan, Mexico,

What better way to travel than aboard an overgrown golf cart? In Mazatlán — the Mexico vacation hotspot often called the “Pearl of the Pacific” because of its scenic Pacific coast location — it’s the most enjoyable way to get around (and a lot more interesting than a regular taxi). The pulmonía — which means, literally, “pneumonia” — is a quirky form of transportation with an interesting moniker, and you won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else. During my most recent visit to Mazatlán, I made this VIDEO introduction to the pulmonía experience. Hop on board (and hold on to your hat; it’s a bit windy!). 
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The pulmonía cuts a hard-to-forget profile against Mazatlan’s waterfront.
Watch the LatinFlyer video for the story behind how these quirky pulmonia vehicles got their name!

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