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Published on August 16th, 2012 | by Mark Chesnut


Nitro Circus: 3D Movie Highlights Panama’s Adventure Travel Side

Sitting in the movie theater a couple weeks ago, I was surprised to see, during the previews, a group of men bounding off the tops of Panama skyscrapers on various types of wheeled vehicles. The movie they were advertising, “Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D,” is a daredevil spectacle from the mind of William Hayes Wheelless, founder and team leader at Nitro City LLC, which operates a new action resort in this Central American nation. 

Wheelless took a moment to chat with LatinFlyer about stunts, Panama and what makes a sports resort truly daring.  

LatinFlyer: How did you decide on using Panama as a setting for the movie? Was the entire film done there, or just parts of it? 
William Hayes Wheelless: the movie was filmed in Utah, Maryland and Panama.  We choose Panama, as that is the location of Nitro City Action Sports Resort.

How are laws, insurance regulations and the overall filming process different in Panama compared with the United States and other locations? Was it easier there than elsewhere? 
Laws and regulations are not much different in Panama, but we have great contacts to realize a speedy process with some needed permits.

What specific Panama sites did you use in the movie? 
Nitro Circus was filmed in Costa del Este, Paitilla (Panama City) and Nitro City, which is in Punta Chame, Panama.

I understand that you opened Nitro City Panama Action Sports Resort in 2011. Can you tell us a little about how that came about and what kind of experiences you offer there? 
Try the site ( or visit our FaceBook page. The idea was to create a new vacation experience that promotes sports and play. We have an MX track, skate park, wake board park, kite school, quads, jet skis, skydive center, scuba, fishing and more. The idea was created on a film trip in 2007 in Costa Rica, and we found a fitting partner and location to realize the concept in panama in 2011. We will open more Nitro City locations in the future and are currently looking for new locations and partners.

You’ve been based in Panama City since 2006, so you’ve been witness to a lot of the recent growth of the city. How would you describe the evolution of Panama City?  
The growth of Panama City in the past six years is unbelievable. It is truly a great place to live and make business.  

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