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VIDEO: Traditional Music and Latin Dance, at Tinajas Restaurant in Panama City

The pollera is traditionally worn for Panama music and dance performances. Photo:


In this episode of LatinFlyer TV, we take you to Panama City, Panama, for a fast introduction to traditional music and Latin dance, with true Panamanian style. 

The place where I made this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO is Tinajas, a restaurant that stages live shows Tuesday through Saturday nights in the heart of Panama’s capital.  

Among the costumes you’ll see as you have dinner here are diabolicos — devil-like characters with elaborate masks. You’ll also olkloric dance and music includes saracunde, cumbias, tamborito and Punto, which is of Spanish and African influence. 

One of the most celebrated looks of the evening is the Pollera de Gala, Panama’s national dress. It takes countless hours to produce just one outfit, which is made from linen decorated with elaborate stitchings, knittings and appliqués. The style is topped off with a Tembleque, a head comb normally made from gold and pearls.  

All in all, it’s a fun night for anyone interested in soaking up some traditional culture in Panama. 

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