Puerto Rico Puerto Rican artist Eric Vier is a fast-rising star on the electronic music scene.

Published on March 30th, 2014 | by Mark Chesnut

Puerto Rican artist Eric Vier is a fast-rising star on the electronic music scene.

Q&A: Singer Eric Vier on Puerto Rican Music & Gay Travel to Puerto Rico


Eric Vier is a new name on the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene in Puerto Rico, but he’s setting his sites globally — and his infectious, energetic beats are sure to appeal to a wide international audience. This talented Puerto Rican singer/songwriter is also making waves beyond the dance floor, thanks to his strategy for success: While fellow musician Ricky Martin waited for years before coming out, Vier is starting his career as an openly gay artist. In this exclusive interview with LatinFlyer.com, Vier talks about the evolution of Puerto Rican music, his own goals and inspiration, and what makes Puerto Rico a great vacation destination for travelers of all kinds.

Where are you from, and how did you get started with music?
I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the year everybody was singing We Are The World. I am a singer/songwriter of electronic and electropop music who started this journey in 2013, motivated by the blessing of meeting my producer who was hungry for music and creation, just like I was.

Who are your musical influences?
Even though my music is electronic, my influences when singing and writing are the great songs and singers of the 80s and 90s, like Ednita Nazario and Marc Anthony.

How would you describe the evolution of Puerto Rican music?
Puerto Rico has music coming from every part of the world. It is very diverse. The music industry is changing rapidly, but the island is still a great market for aspiring musicians. I believe in giving the people good music. It soothes the soul.

How did you decide to start your career as an openly gay artist?
I believe that in order for you to really be a part of the people who follow you, it is very important that you are true to yourself. Expressing my emotions and experiences from its truest and most sincere point of view is my way to to connect with other peoples hearts.

What kind of response have you gotten so far?
The acceptance of this has been very positive. I am lucky to have been born in an era where humanity is starting to learn more about itself and has started to accept who they are.

How would you describe Puerto Rico as a vacation destination — for gay travelers and for others?
Puerto Rico is a beautiful island. We have something for everybody. From leisure such as hotels and shopping to extreme activities such as hangliding, rock climbing and scuba diving. I am lucky to have been born in a place many come for vacationing!

For the LGBT community, there are many options. We have two gay prides a year. We have a gay hotel and even a gay beach. There are clubs to go to and meet people [see LatinFlyer’s roundup of gay bars and nightlife in San Juan, Puerto Rico]. The mentality and acceptance for the LGBT community is very positive, and we receive people from the LGBT community all year long.

You’re performing at Puerto Rico’s gay pride events this year. When are they?
There are two gay prides in the island: The first Sunday of June is in San Juan [check out LatinFlyer’s photos & video of the gay pride parade and festival in San Juan] and the second Sunday of June will be in Cabo Rojo, a wonderful and friendly town on the southwest side of the island, where the most beautiful sunsets are seen. I will be presenting my new show on both prides! I invite anybody who would love to experience the island life and its people to come and enjoy the summer in Puerto Rico.

Where should people go to hear live music and DJs in Puerto Rico?
Music is part of our culture. Every town in the island has a festival called fiestas patronales, where they celebrate their own patron saint and as such bring local artists and sell local food. And we have 78 municipalities! We also have food festivals all year round that specialize in foods such as plantain and coffee.

For those that love electronic music, we have many clubs and bars where they can get their EDM fix. We also have many electronic festivals all year round. Puerto Rico is the go-to place for these kinds of festivals, such as the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Each of these places have their own style. Their own feeling. I love to perform in these festivals, as well as clubs where people go to dance and enjoy the night.

How can people find out more about your work?
To know more about my music, give it a listen, know where I will be performing and follow me, take a look at www.ericvier.com. You can also follow me on twitter, instagram (_ericvier), www.facebook.com/ericviermusic (I’m everywhere!) and see my latest videos on youtube.

And if you come to Puerto Rico, don’t forget to say hi!

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