Arts & Culture The EKGs recently released their first music video, made in Puerto Rico.

Published on February 8th, 2013 | by Mark Chesnut

The EKGs recently released their first music video, made in Puerto Rico.

The EKGs Combine “Rock en Español” & Electronica, with Debut Video

Representing an ear-catching blend of rock and electronica, The EKGs (Electro Killer Giants) are making waves in the Latin music scene, with their recent TV appearances in the United States, along with the debut of their video for the song “La Vida Engaña.” With its creative re-imagining of icons like James Dean and Princess Diana, the new video — shot in Puerto Rico — showcases the groups musical skills as well as its overall imaginative approach.

Kin, one of the members of the duo, took a few minutes to chat with LatinFlyer about inspiration and where to hear great music.

LatinFlyer: Where are you from originally?
Kin: San Juan. But we both live in New York City. I’ve been living here for about seven years. We’ve known each other since we were very young. But we didn’t really get to hang out until this project started about a year ago.

What are your biggest musical influences?
I like rock and roll — Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains. Jewlz is very into R&B and electronic and production. When we meshed both influences together, that’s the sound of EKG.

So how would you describe your music? 
We grab a little bit of both [our influences]. People who like rock will like it, as well as people interested in electronic music.

And how would you describe Latin music in the 21st century?
There has definitely been some evolution. There is a lot of reggaetón, but it has really evolved, because now it mixes rhythms from different cultures.

How was the process for your first video, which you released in December?
I have a good friend and director from Puerto Rico. I went to him and told him that we wanted to do the video. We sat down and decided where.  We went with a Tim Burton aesthetic. We filmed it in Puerto Rico — we went to Bayamón, where there was this junker, and we took this concept of car heaven.

Where do you go when you want to hear live music in Puerto Rico and New York?
In San Juan, we like to go to the amphitheater [Anfiteatro Tito Puente] for concerts. For hangouts, it sounds touristy, but I think Señor Frogs has good music on the weekend. In New York, I like hanging out on the Lower East Side, at Arlene’s Grocery. Jewlz likes the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District.

 Buy The EKGs’ single “La Vida Engaña” on iTunes

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