Travel Deals Aeromexico is among the Latin American airlines with an affinity credit card.

Published on March 27th, 2014 | by Mark Chesnut

Aeromexico is among the Latin American airlines with an affinity credit card.

TRAVEL DEALS: How To Get 20,000 Miles & More From Airline Credit Cards

Everyone wants free airline miles, right? And one of the most popular ways to get those miles flowing into your frequent flyer account — aside from actually flying, of course — is to sign up for an airline credit card. All of the largest airlines in Latin America offer some kind of affinity card that provides a big frequent flyer mile bonus for first use, as well as other benefits, ranging from 20,000-mile sign-up bonuses to free VIP lounge access, discounted bag fees and airline mileage bonuses for travel purchases. Here’s a look at some of the best frequent flyer and mileage benefits for these cards — so if you’re looking to improve your Latin America travel experience, shop around to find the one that’s best for you. 

The Card: Aeromexico Visa Credit Card
The Benefits:

• Double Premier Kilometers on gas and groceries
•  1.6 Kilometer per $1 spent (1 Mile)
•  24,000 First Use Bonus Kilometers (15,000 Miles) plus free companion ticket
• 3,200 Annual Bonus Kilometers (2,000 Miles) plus $99 companion ticket with credit card renewal.
• Double Kilometers on AeroMexico airfare purchases.
• 10% discount on AeroMexico airfare purchases.
• Free Salon Premier lounge access (one day).
• No annual fee for the first year ($45 thereafter)
More Info:
BEST FOR: People who travel to, within and through Mexico frequently.
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The Card: LifeMiles Signature Visa Card
The Benefits:
• 1 LifeMile per $1 spent
• First use bonus: 20,000 LifeMiles
•  6,000 Bonus LifeMiles for annual card renewal
• 50% discount for excess baggage redemption on Avianca
• Double LifeMiles on Avianca ticket purchases
• Travel Accident insurance for US$1,000,000
• No annual fee for the first year; $75 a year thereafter
• No Preset Spending Limit
• Visa Signature Concierge access
• Visa Signature Travel & Shopping service
• Visa Signature Sports & Entertainment service
More Info:
BEST FOR: Frequent flyers who travel to or through Central America and the northern part of South America (including Avianca hubs in Colombia and Costa Rica) — especially if they carry a lot of extra baggage and don’t have elite status (that 50% discount on excess baggage could come in handy).
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LAN Airlines
The Card: LANPASS Signature Visa Card

The Benefits:
• 1 mile for every net $1 spent
• Up to 20,000 Bonus Miles (32,187 kms) with first use
• Up to 4,000 Bonus Miles (6,437 kms) with annual renewal
• Up to 20% off (up to $1,000 maximum) your first LAN or TAM Airlines purchase, one time per year
• $0 introductory annual fee the first year, thereafter $75
• Double miles on LAN and TAM purchases
• 25% flight bonus when flying on LAN
• 3 upgrade coupons each year
More Info:
BEST FOR: Frequent flyers who find it convenient to fly through LAN and TAM Airlines hubs in Santiago de Chile, Lima, Peru, Bogota, Colombia and Brazil.
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The Card: Volaris Invex Visa
The Benefits:
• 1,000 Mexican pesos in Volaris Travel Bank vouchers, for use with Volaris flight ticket purchases
• No annual fee for the first year; 1,200 Mexican pesos per year thereafter
• Earn 1.5% cash back on all purchases through Volaris Travel Bank
• For any Volaris ticket purchased with the card, get 22 extra pounds in your checked bag, and one additional carry-on bag
• Priority boarding
• Access to Visa’s VIP lounge in the Mexico City International Airport
• Discounted rate for Visa’s parking lot at Mexico City International Airport
• For each additional year you have the credit card, receive 400 Mexican pesos in your Volaris Travel Bank
More Info:
BEST FOR: People who travel frequently on domestic flights within Mexico, and between Mexico and the U.S. gateways of Volaris.
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 Other Latin America airline credit cards: Copa Airlines offers cards in several countries through partnerships with multiple banks.

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