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Published on October 22nd, 2017 | by Mark Chesnut


5 Delicious Culinary Travel Experiences in South America

South America is heaven for foodies. And it’s even easier to find the tastiest culinary experiences when you have some expert assistance. After all, who knows the local food scene better than the locals?

That’s why South America tours are one of the best ways for visitors to appreciate traditional Latin American cuisine, as well as cutting-edge trending dishes and dining venues. From Colombia in the north to Argentina and Chile in the south, you’ll find an endless menu of excitement for your taste buds — and expert tour guides are your key to unlocking the best menus.

To help us in our quest for the best culinary experiences in South America, we’ve turned yet again to our expert sponsor partner, Coddiwomple Journeys. With their exclusive focus on South America, the folks at Coddiwomple know the destination like no one else. They’re Boston-based, so they’re familiar with the types of vacation travel we like, but they also have the knowledge and local connections around the region to connect you with the most unique and mouthwatering options.

These travel tips will help you add some unforgettable flavor to your next South America vacation. And with Coddiwomple Journeys, all tours can be customized to fit your specific taste.

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Beef is king in this South American hotspot, but Argentine cuisine goes beyond that to include delicacies like the savory, stuffed pastries called empanadas as well as the super-sweet, caramelized milk and sugar treat called dulce de leche. And don’t forget Argentina’s legendary wine, as well as the nation’s strong Italian roots that provide a variety of tasty pasta dishes, well as world-class pizza.

Coddiwomple’s Fine Wines & Great Cities of Argentina and Chile itinerary makes it easy to pair tasty food with legendary wines, in destinations like Mendoza, the nation’s wine-producing capital. In the Uco Valley, you can opt for a wine and food adventure or a cooking class and horseback ride. And a guided tour of the Mercado Central in Buenos Aires is also a memorable culinary experience. Let Coddiwomple know what your main interests are, and they’ll create a tour that’s a perfect fit.

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Chilean cuisine combines influences from Spain as well as the indigenous Mapuche culture and a variety of other culinary sources, including Germany, Italy and France. A visit to the public markets in Chile’s capital, Santiago, provides a delectable introduction to why Chilean cuisine is so revered. Coddiwomple’s popular itinerary, Chile’s Central Region, provides a deep dive into the nation’s revered culinary and winemaking traditions, with food-themed activities in nation’s capital, Santiago, as well as in Chile’s picturesque wine country. You’ll be able to stop in Santiago’s Barrio Italia for a private pisco sour tasting accompanied by hors d’oeuvres, followed by a wine-pairing dinner, and also savor a four-course dinner at Vik, an upscale winery in Millahue. If there are specific food experiences you’d like, no worries: the Coddiwomple Journeys team can tailor any Chile vacation package to meet your prefences.

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With its diverse regions that range from Caribbean coast to Andean mountains, Colombia is a paradise for food lovers. You’ll find dishes enriched by influences from Spain, Africa, Asia and indigenous traditions. And the fresh fruit is simply divine. Coddiwomple’s Colombia: Culture, Cuisine & Coffee tour itinerary is the ideal way to sample a broad array of Colombian cuisine. You’ll visit the Coffee Triangle to spend a day at a coffee farm, with time for tastings of the nation’s legendary brew and a hike through the wax palm forest of Valle del Cocora. From there, you’ll head to the beautiful Caribbean port city of Cartagena, where fresh seafood, coconut rice and unique spice combinations are among the delights; a Cartagena street food tour is not to be missed. Outside of Bogota, you’ll enjoy a mouthwatering barbecue lunch and Colombian desserts, including arroz con leche (sweetened rice with milk) and brevas en dulce (candied figs in syrup). And, of course, the sophisticated capital city of Bogota is home to an international menu of delicious culinary options; Coddiwomple’s customizable tours make it easy to create the Colombia vacation that you’ve always dreamed about.

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Ecuadorian cuisine is as diverse as the nation’s geography, which ranges from the Galapagos Islands in the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Coast and the Andes Mountains. You can savor bountiful dishes of pork, chicken and beef in the mountains, as well as locro, a hearty stew made with corn, beans and potatoes. Fruit and seafood — including tasty ceviche — are specialties on the coast and islands.

Coddiwomple’s culturally rich Andean Adventure & Culture tour allows you to sample cuisine in the historic cities Quito and Cuenca, as does the Best of Ecuador itinerary.  Let the team know what interests you, and they’ll customize the itinerary to include your favorite activities — and foods.

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With its rich blend of Spanish, Incan, Asian and African influences, Peruvian food has become one of the most trending cuisines on a global scale. Corn, potatoes and beans are important staples of the traditional Peruvian menu, while culinary wizards like Peruvian Chef Gaston Acurio have taken the nation’s fusion cuisine to sophisticated new levels.

Coddiwomple’s Eclectic Peru: Ancient Civilizations, Art & Cuisine vacation itinerary is designed to provide a variety of memorable culinary experiences. You’ll enjoy meals at the Café del Museo at the world-famous Larco Museum in Lima, Gran Cututu restaurant in historic Cuzco and Café Inkaterra at Machu Picchu. You can even visit a local family in Cuzco for an intimate and authentic meal. With Coddiwomple Journeys, you’ll be able to pick and choose the experiences you like, to craft the perfect Peru vacation.

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