Travel Tips Swimming with sharks at the Mazatlan aquarium in Mexico is just one exotic travel adventure.

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Swimming with sharks at the Mazatlan aquarium in Mexico is just one exotic travel adventure.

Feeling Adventurous? 6 Daredevil & Exotic Travel Ideas in Latin America


The word “daredevil” has different connotations for everyone. Whether you just want to try something new, enjoy an exotic travel experience, admire natural beauty or really delve into an extreme adventure, Latin America has a tour that can fit the bill.

If you’re considering a vacation trip to Latin America, you probably already have a few exciting activities in mind. To channel your inner daredevil or nature lover, consider these adventures, which range in price from budget travel to the luxury category:

1. Rainforest Tours
Tour operators including Absolute Latin America offer guided explorations of the rainforests. When you go on a tour of these beautiful places, you’l be able to experience history and also develop an appreciation for the natural life that thrives in Latin America. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

2. Swimming with Sharks
Companies like Absolute Latin America also offer the unforgettable experience of swimming with sharks. It’s an adventure, to be sure, and perhaps a bit dangerous as well. It’s a good idea to work with a reputable company to participate in this endeavor, to ensure that you’re following all of the necessary safety precautions. You can also join organized swims with gigantic whale sharks off the coast of Cancun (see the interview with whale shark guide Gabriel López Silva) or go swimming with sharks inside a nurse shark tank at the aquarium in Mazatlan, Mexico.

3. Mayan Ruins & Temples
Touring far-flung Mayan ruins, including ancient temples and other dramatic pieces of architecture, is another exciting option offered by Absolute Latin America. These types of adventures — often involving hiking and climbing in remote jungle areas of Mexico and Guatemala— can be truly mind-bending experiences, allowing you to break the mold and expand your worldview, as you explore new corners of culture and history.

4. Adventure Cruises
Try to break out of your comfort zone. People who are a bit timid can still get a taste of adventure, while enjoying basic comforts on adventure cruises. Latin American Escapes offers cruises that last as long as 20 days — with itineraries that include the Antarctic peninsula, the Galapagos Islands, the Falkland Islands and the Amazon River. Contiki, meanwhile, offers a “Galapagos & Andes” itinerary that combines a cruise among the legendary islands with visits to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in Peru, as well as the historic capital city of Quito in Ecuador.

5. Bird Watching
Latin American Escapes also offers bird-watching adventures, which can give you a sense of how these beautiful creatures live. During your outings, you’ll spot so many of these wonderful creatures living in their natural habitat. Once again, as long as the tour group permits photos, you absolutely do not want to leave your camera at home.

6. Skydive Adventures
If you’ve always dreamed of skydiving, your trip to Latin America might finally be the time to do it. As with any daredevil adventure, you’ll want to ensure that safety is a priority. maintains a listing of drop zones and skydiving clubs in Latin America.

Author Pam Johnson is a social worker who leads overseas programs in various Latin American countries to help those less fortunate than herself. While on these trips, she also likes to have a bit of fun on daredevil adventures. She also enjoys blogging and is a contributing writer for

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