Travel Tips Cusqueña and Aguila are two of Latin America's best-selling beers.

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Cusqueña and Aguila are two of Latin America's best-selling beers.

Infographic: The Price of Beer Around the World & Best Beers of Latin America

The beers of Latin America have been satisfying locals for years, and they’re increasingly becoming favorites outside of their home countries, thanks to the increased number of exports abroad, and the public’s greater appreciation for brews from around the world.

For travelers looking to get the most beer for their buck during that next Latin America vacation or business trip, a recent infographic (below) from showcases the price of beer around the world. Interestingly, Panama is the only Latin America nation to rank in the list of the 10 countries with the cheapest beer. Both Panama and Mexico ranked in the top 10 list for nations where people spend the least money on beer per person annually.

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The good news for penny-pinching brew aficionados is that no Latin American nation appears on the list of priciest beers. And if you’re looking for quantity, Venezuela ranked as the Latin American nation with the highest beer consumption per person; it’s no surprise that Venezuelans also spend the most on beer.

When it comes to the most popular Latin American beers on an international scale, the survey shows that the top seller globally is Corona Extra, from Mexico, with Brazil‘s Brahma not far behind.

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If you’re looking for additional Latin American beers to add to your cooler, here are some of the best-selling brands (click on the country name for more travel tips):

Argentina: Quilmes (don’t miss: How to Plan the Perfect Argentina & Chile Vacation)

Colombia: Cerveza El Aguila (don’t miss: Top 5 Reasons to Visit Cartagena)

Dominican Republic: Presidente

Chile: Cristal (don’t miss: No More U.S. Visa Required for Chile: Here are 5 Ways to Celebrate!)

Costa Rica: Imperial (don’t miss: Art Galleries, Museums & Artsy Shopping in San Jose, Costa Rica)

Ecuador: Pilsener (don’t miss: Top 5 Reasons to Visit Quito, Ecuador)

Peru: Cusqueña (don’t miss: Portón Master Distiller Johnny Schuler Shares Peru’s Pisco Secrets)

Puerto Rico: Medalla (don’t miss: LatinFlyer Awards: 18 Best Hotels & Restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Venezuela: Polar


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