Published on December 27th, 2010 | by Mark Chesnut

Meetings Mexico: My Report, in Meetings Focus

The Camino Real Polanco Mexico is among Mexico’s many meetings-oriented hotels. 

I write about Latin America from a lot of different perspectives, for a wide variety of media outlets. One of my most recent reports, Meetings Mexico: Focus on the Future, has been published in electronic and print form by Meetings Focus, one of North America’s leading resources for meeting and convention planners. 
In this multi-article supplement, I was able to explore how — despite multiple challenges — Mexico has continued to up the ante when it comes to meetings and events. But the information and opinions I uncovered extend far beyond just the meetings industry — especially given the ongoing nervousness that some travelers exhibit when considering a trip to Mexico. 
I spoke with several U.S.-based meeting planners, who proved to be well-informed and well aware that what makes headlines in Ciudad Juárez has nothing to do with what visitors can expect elsewhere in the nation. Indeed, travel to Mexico is as multifaceted and enjoyable as ever. 
One hotelier I interviewed for the Meetings Mexico supplement put it best when I asked her about how she deals with travelers’ unfounded fears about safety. “Sometimes I just pull out a map and say, ‘Would you like me to show you where you are?'” said Cristina Baker, co-owner of Hacienda Xcanatun, a luxury hotel set in a historic hacienda just outside of Merida. “It’s an educational process for a lot of people.”

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