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Punta del Este: Sightseeing, Events & Jet Set Vacations in Uruguay

During the summer, the South American jet set flies — or navigates — to the most fashionable beaches of the continent to get the perfect tan and be on the spotlight, even if that means going all the way to Uruguay. Punta del Este is one of the most exclusive resorts in South America and many celebrities are often caught lying under the sun at this Uruguayan city, which attracts people from all over the world. This privileged destination offers all kinds of activities to its lucky visitors throughout the year.

Among the top attractions one can visit in Punta del Este, Uruguay is the Hand, also called The Fingers, which is an sculpture by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal that portrays a monumental hand made of concrete and plastic that is buried in the sand – partially emerging from it – at Brava Beach. Irarrázabal made the Hand in 1982 during the international event of Modern Open Air Sculpture that was being celebrated in the city. Nowadays, this work of art has become a landmark of Punta del Este.

Another important sight — and the oldest one — in the city is El Faro (the Lighthouse), which was built in 1860 and is located in the historical part of Punta del Este. It’s so famous that in 2000 it became one of the images of the national postal service. The reason why this lighthouse is preserved in perfect conditions is because it was built with volcanic rock from Rome, and this material is actually stronger than cement. From the top of the lighthouse, which can only be visited a few times a year, the Punta de la Salina (the southernmost part of the country) can be seen.

In addition to sightseeing and enjoying the beaches, visitors can also go to the different festivals that the city celebrates throughout the year. The most notable one is the Punta del Este International Film Festival, which celebrated its 19th edition last year. Often compared with Biarritz, Brighton or Saint Tropez, the Uruguayan city is also known as the Monte Carlo of South America, as the famous Hotel Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino frequently hosts different events that attract audiences from all over the world, in addition to the Grand Prix that is celebrated in the city, bringing it closer to Monaco. While visiting Punta del Este on any of these occasions, other must-see spots include Isla de Lobos and Isla Gorriti.

The first one, which is located 5 miles southeast of Punta del Este, is a natural reserve that has been given that name because of its magnificent sea lion population, known as lobos marinos in Spanish, which is allegedly the largest one of this kind in the western hemisphere. The second one, which has been declared a National Heritage site, is known for its two wonderful beaches: Puerto Jardín and Playa Honda. It is also an ideal destination for lovers of watersports, in addition to being a favorite spot for the celebrities that visit Punta del Este every summer.

So if the southern part of South America is among your travel plans for this year, be sure not to leave out Punta del Este, whether you intend to go to an event, enjoy sightseeing or just see and be seen. In any case, you’re in for some great fun that can always be accompanied by the traditional “mate” that Uruguayans are used to drinking wherever, whenever.

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