Published on March 24th, 2010 | by Mark Chesnut

VIDEO: Giant Robots Destroy Montevideo; Man Gets Six-Figure Deal

In the music video “Ataque de Pánico,” the city of Montevideo is destroyed by a giant robot. 

It’s not uncommon to see U.S. landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the White House get blown to smithereens in movies. But seeing Montevideo go up in flames is something new.

During my recent visit, I happened upon Ataque de Pánico (Panic Attack), an attention-getting video made in 2009 by Uruguayan commercial director Fede Alvarez. In the video, a group of giant robots and otherworldly aircraft invade Uruguay’s capital, blowing up icons including the legislative palace, Plaza Independencia and Palacio Salvo, which was once the tallest building in South America.

The most impressive aspect of this four-minute, 48-second film — which debuted on October 31, 2009 — is how good it looks, given the budget. Alvarez made it for just U.S.$300 — a feat that attracted so much praise that he has lined up a six-figure contract to direct his first film.

There are two versions of the video. One made as a short film and another made as a music video for Uruguayan rock band Snake. Both are well worth a watch — and they’re also a good sample of what we might expect from this talented director’s upcoming feature debut. And if this gets you in the mood for futuristic views of Montevideo made with tiny budgets, check out Montevideo 2056, set bizarrely to an old Huey Lewis and the News song. 

In “Ataque de Pánico,” the Palacio Legislativo is about to bite the dust. 

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